About HerpesV-2023

On behalf of USG, United Scientific Group (a non-profit organization), we are glad to welcome you all to the International Virtual Symposium on Advances in Herpesvirus (HerpesV-2023) which will be held Online on October 30, 2023.

HerpesV-2023 is a premier event that brings together senior investigators, clinicians, and industry professionals from all around the world to discuss the latest advancements and novel research findings on and related viral infections. This 1-day conference program promises high-quality content-rich talks from world renowned speakers, and it will strive hard to create a platform for collaboration and accelerate the current research ideas.

This 1-day virtual symposium will offer a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights of the latest perspectives, updates, innovative technological tools, and scientific advances in research in particular, Virus-Host Interactions, Immunity & Vaccines, Pathogenesis, Epigenetics & Systems Biology, Genetics, Evolution, and Epidemiology.

We hope that you will enjoy this conference and benefit from networking with attendees and speakers.


HerpesV-2023 will bring together world-class clinicians, scientists, and investigators from this field. This virtual conference will provide an ideal, cost-effective format with as it offers:

Focused Presentations     

On the latest in research, vaccine & drug development typically before publication.

World-renowned Speakers     

Learn from internationally recognized herpesvirologists in all aspects of research.


Attend from the convenience of your home or office without travel.


Low-cost registration permits networking without the expense and hassle of travel and hotel bookings.


Mu-Sheng Zeng

Title: Targeting Glycoproteins for EBV Prophylactic Vaccine Development

Mu-Sheng Zeng

Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center/Hospital, China

M. Gordon Joyce

Title: Structural Definition of Epstein-Barr Virus Sites of Vulnerability

M. Gordon Joyce

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Georges Herbein

Title: Exploring HCMV's Emerging Role as an Oncovirus

Georges Herbein

University of Franche-Comté

Sean Edward Lawler

Title: Therapeutic Implications of the Interplay Between Glioblastoma and Cytomegalovirus

Sean Edward Lawler

Brown University

Rebecca Skalsky

Title: miRNA Regulation of EBV Reactivation

Rebecca Skalsky

Oregon Health & Science University

Matteo Biolatti

Title: Exploiting Lipid Metabolism by HSV-1: A Challenge to Rethink New Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease

Matteo Biolatti

University of Turin

Lindsey Crawford

Title: Viral Control of Stem Cell Fate: The Role of the HCMV RL11 Region

Lindsey Crawford

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Chao Qin

Title: Unveiling the Functions of Glutamine Amidotransferases in HSV-1 Infection and Formulating Antiviral Small Molecules Based on Their Activity

Chao Qin

University of Southern California

Jonathan Jih

Title: Structures and Configurations of the Human Cytomegalovirus Portal-associated Tegument Complex

Jonathan Jih

University of California


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