United Scientific Group presents the first edition of International Conference on Immunity and Immunochemistry at San Francisco, CA, USA from July 01-03, 2019.

Immunology is one of the areas with the most cutting-edge and state of the art research going on in almost every corner of the world. This conference aims to bring together people from various areas of research and development in immunology in order to help grow and create opportunities for further advances in the field. This three-day event is dedicated to providing all the participants a platform to share their research in every aspect of immunology.

The program will not only include renowned keynote speakers who helped shape the turn of the century concepts in immunity and immunology but also young academicians with diverse approaches to age-old conceptions in immunology. Through the oral and poster presentations, scientific sessions, and networking sessions, we encourage dialogue between all the attendees in order to fill in the gaps to inspire innovative collaborations. Our objective is to gather peer researchers, inspired scientists, students, and industrialists in order to meet, discuss and share the information that’s still more to be revealed.

The conference is scheduled to be held in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA, USA which is also the seat of most innovative organizations.