Renowned Speakers

Imre Blank, Head of R&D Networks Nestle Fellow – Food Chemistry & Flavours, Switzerland
Title: Major trends in flavor research
John O’Brien, Deputy Head, Nestlé Research Centre, Nestlé S.A, Switzerland
Title: 21st Century challenges and opportunities in food risk assessment
Markus Fischer, Director Hamburg School of Food Science(HSFS), University of Hamburg, Germany
Title: Food Authentication
Dieter Schrenk, Head of the Dept. of Food Chemistry and Toxicology Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Title: Risk on the table?-perspectives in chemical food safety
Tsimidou Maria, Director Laboratory Food Chemistry and Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Title: TBA
Rui Hai Liu, Professor, Department of Food Science, Cornell University, USA
Title: Synergy and molecular targets of dietary bioactive components for cancer prevention
Mun Yhung Jung, Director Agricultural and Food Product Analysis Center, Woosuk University, South Korea
Title: TBA
Pingfan Rao, Director, CAS.SIBS-Zhejiang Gongshang University; Honorary Vice-president, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, China
Title: Advancing food chemistry: from chemistry to food
E. Elias Hakalehto, CEO, Finnoflag Oy, Finland
Title: TBA
Bernd Hitzmann, Head of the Dept. Process Analytics and Cereal Science; Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology; University Hohenheim, Germany
Title: Optical process analyzers for the supervision and control of food manufacturing processes
Eckhard Flöter, Chair of Food Process Engineering, Dept. of Food Technology and Food Chemistry, TU Berlin, Germany
Title: TBA
Yanyan Zhang, Director, Dept. of Flavor Chemistry; Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology; University Hohenheim, Germany
Title: Bioflavor production with basidiomycetes: Potential in developing novel non-alcoholic beverages
Thierry Thomas-Danguin, Senior Research Scientist, CSGA – INRA, France
Title: Reducing sugar, salt and fat content in food: can we still preserve taste?
Berta Spasova, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Title: TBA
Romdhane Karoui, Artois University, Charles Viollette Institute, France
Title: TBA
Zvi Hayouka, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Title: TBA
Edward Muntean, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania
Title: Paralel chromatography application in beverages' authentication
Glaucia Maria Pastore, UNICAMP, Brazil
Title: Small Brazilian wild fruits: Nutrients, bioactive compounds, health-promotion properties and impact in food industries
Vania Margaret Flosi Paschoalin, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Title: Beetroot supplementation and the effects of its bioactive compounds in health and disease
Mohamed Tarek Khadir, University Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria
Title: Advantages of Model Predictive Control in Food Industry-Case study on pasteurization temperature control
Concettina La Motta, University of Pisa, Italy
Title: TBA
Maria Teresa SR Gomes, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Title: Using chemical sensors to detect fraud, contaminants, or changes in rheological properties during food processing
Inge S. Fomsgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark
Title: Potentially health-promoting phytochemicals of the benzoxazinoid group, abundant in cereal grains and food products
Sofia Agriopoulou, Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese, Greece
Title: TBA
Ronald de Vries, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Netherlands
Title: Discovery of novel fungal enzymes for food applications