Poster Presentations

Hugo Talbot, Limoges University, France
Title: Neurotensin receptor type 2 protects B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells from apoptosis
Sabrina Blondy, Limoges University, France
Title: Involvement of Neurotensin and Neurotrophins pathways in human colorectal cancer cells 5-Fluorouracil treatment resistance
Eleane Ayou, Azadi Teaching Hospital, Iraq
Title: Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases: A Seven-year observational study in the city of Duhok – Iraq
Gabriel Wekure Chanayire, Kharkiv National Medical University
Title: TBA
Yanan Liu, Jilin University, China
Title: Study on the mechanism of deacetylase sirt3 regulating mutant p53 induced apoptosis in lung cancer cells
Jing SU, Jilin University,China
Title: p62/SQSTM1 regulates LC3-Caspase8 complex mediating cisplatin induced apoptosis
Liankun SUN, JILIN University, China
Title: PGC1α promotes cisplatin resistance in human ovarian carcinoma cells through upregulation of mitochondria biogenesis
Maha Al-Sejari, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Title: Breast self-examination knowledge and practice among Kuwaiti women
Mofeed Selim, National Cancer Institute, Egypt
Title: Protective role of magic fruit and honey bee against human hepatocarcinogenesis