Biomass & Bioenergy
  • Bioenergy, Bioenergy conversion and Transition, Applications
  • Genetically modified crops to increase feedstock production
  • Industrial waste Biomass, Waste to energy
  • Agriculture biomass for energy production
  • Cost effective techniques to produce energy from biomass feedstock
  • Thermal, Chemical & Biochemical techniques for biomass conversion
  • Biomass & Geothermal energy, Electricity production from biomass
    Biogas & Algae fuel
  • Biogas technologies, Biogas from agriculture waste and algae
  • New & possible substrates for biogas production
  • Measuring and upgrading biogas environment
  • Large scale biogas production & challenges
  • Culturing algae, Algae harvesting and oil extraction systems
  • Algal production systems and cost effectiveness
  • Wastewater based algae biofuel production
  • Genetic engineering in algae to increase productivity
  • Commercialization of algae biofuels, Algal biosequestration
  • Types of biorefineries, biorefining systems
  • Biorefining scheme from algal protein source
  • Micro & macro algal technology
  • Bio refining scheme from bacterial protein
  • Innovative bio refineries concepts for various industries
  • Risk management issues
  • Biodiesel production
  • Biodiesel from Algal Biodiesel, Pongamia, jatropha, Fungi, Used coffee grounds and exotic sources
  • Biodiesel as automobile fuel and Market opportunities
  • Biodiesel production on industry level
  • Scale up, Cost effective techniques for biodiesel production
  • Biodiesel to hydrogen cell power
    Advanced Biofuels
  • Next generation feedstock for the biofuels production
  • Lignocellulose feedstock
  • Biohydrogen, Hydrogen fuels cells
  • Manufacturing of GHG emission reductions fuels
  • Production of biojetfuels & biobutanol
  • Production from cellulosic ethanol, Hydro treated vegetable oils, Torrefaction process
    Bioethanol & Cellulosic Biofuels
  • Production of advanced cellulosic biofuels
  • Ethanol from lingo-cellulosic biomass
  • Bioethanol & future scope of advancement
  • Reducing carbon using ethanol
  • Bioethanol utilization
  • Bio alcohols as automobile fuel
  • Generations of Bio alcohols, Bio alcohols from algae
  • Scale up on industrial level, Cost models for Bioethanol Production
  • Delivering biomass Substrates for bioethanol production
  • Bioethanol economics, Sustainable development and bioethanol production
  • Bioethanol market forces in 2018
  • Future transport energy demand and low carbon fuels
  • Grain ethanol manufacturing
  • Cellulosic ethanol commercialization
    Aviation Biofuels
  • Developing new sources for aviation biofuels & future production routes
  • Commercialization of aviation biofuels
  • Applications & environment effects of aviation biofuels
  • Concerns & challenges to develop aviation biofuels
  • Cost reduction policies, Market research strategies
    Green Energy & Economy
  • Global impact of the biofuels
  • Environmental protection schemes for biofuels
  • Sustainable energy Policies and climate change
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Bio-Based economy
  • Bioremediation
    Scale Up, Trade and Industrial Implementation Strategies
  • Commercialization of renewable fuels
  • Production plant management
  • Market, trade & distribution
  • Investment & financing
  • Opportunities for scale up & meeting global energy challenge
  • Scale up challenges

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