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It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our new open-access journal, Journal of Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology (JFCN). The primary aim of JFCN is to establish a premier community for publishing high quality papers with significant new research findings and technologies, and technological improvements in the fields of food chemistry and food nanotechnology. To my knowledge, this is the first journal covering food chemistry along with food nanotechnology, a newly evolving sector in the food science field.

JFCN will publish only rigorously peer-reviewed, high quality papers with strong impact across the entire spectrum of the field. JFCN will ensure full use of open-access journal in the rapidly changing environment of publication and dissemination of scientific articles.

We will strive to make JFCN a world class scientific journal for the rapid publication, effective communication, and significant scientific advances in the food science sector. I encourage you to join us as active authors, voluntary reviewers and editorial board members in this creative process. The submitted manuscripts will be strictly reviewed in a timely and unbiased manner to ensure the rapid publication as well as the quality of the papers. Submission of your full-length research articles, short communication, mini- or comprehensive review papers, letters, and critical commentaries to JFCN will be greatly appreciated.


Mun Yhung Jung, PhD

Professor, Woosuk University

Aims and Scope

Journal of Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology aims to publish reviews, original research and technical articles relating to current high-impact research results in the fields of food chemistry and food nanotechnology covering bioactive constituents and micronutrients, antioxidants, food flavor, active-packaging techniques, nanosensors for detection of contaminants and toxins, nanoencapsulation, nanofiltration, food safety and toxicology, enzymatic and microbial changes of food properties, quality control and assurance, nutrition, engineering, and analytical methods. Special importance is given to the basic and applied research findings for maximizing the food production, improving the food quality and safety, extending the shelf-life, analyzing the bioactive constituents and micronutrients, producing the high value-added food products and ingredients, and manufacturing the functional food constituents and foods. Reviews on novel techniques relating to food handling and processing, fast detection of contaminants and toxins, food packaging and storage, and technological advances in enhancing the production, and analytical methods for raw materials and processed food products are considered.

For more information, please contact: jfcn.editorinchief(at)uniscigroup.com

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Latest Articles
Lutein and β-Carotene in Selected Asian Leafy Vegetables
Maria V. Chandra-Hioe, Hassan H. Rahman and Jayashree Arcot
Harmful Effects on Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) and Tribolium castaneum by Food Grade Antioxidants and their Formulations in Peanut Kernel
Daiana Garcia, Natalia Soledad Girardi, María Alejandra Passone, Andrea Nesci and Miriam Etcheverry
Storage Stability of Garlic Fortified Chicken Bites
Kanza Aziz Awan, Masood Sadiq Butt, Iahtisham-Ul-Haq, Faiza Ashfaq and Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria

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